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Antihidrotika, usually referred to as antiperspirants, are the first therapeutic measure to be recommended against moderate to excessive perspiration and focal hyperhidrosis. Aluminum chloride and other metal compounds like zinc or magnesium belong to the most successful antiperspirant solutions for the local treatment of hyperhidrosis. They should be the first choice treatment method.
The metal compounds dispose of an astringent effect. Thus the output of secretion is being disabled. In contrast to alternative medication, antiperspirants do not intervene into the physiological activities of the perspiratory glands. As they are only taking effect on the skin superficially, antiperspirants are toxicologically and systemically absolutely harmless.
If an aluminum chloride hexahydrate solution (existent in effective antiperspirants) is applied on the skin, metal mucopolysaccharide complexes are formed in the cuticle, which eventually fill out the excretory ducts of the perspiratory glands. Metal ions of the solution intrude into the excretory ducts of ecrine (secretion forming) glands, which leads to a protein precipitation and eventually seals up the excretory ducts of the glands in the upper skin area.
The cessation of the sweat secretion usually occurs after 1-3 applications, in rare cases only after several weeks. Besides the cessation of perspiration, the continuous application of such solutions additionally leads to a back-formation of secretory cells of the perspiratory glands. If the solution is not applied for a longer period though, these cells gradually reform, which anew leads to an increased perspiration.
Antiperspirants are available as solutions, lotions, powder or as gel for instance for the application with a roll-on.
Principally the spray is to be suited for the ideal form of application for the body. Compared to roll-ons, the solution can be applied more extensively and also more evenly. Furthermore no bacteria are absorbed by the skin when applying the spray. Hence at the next application, bacteria do not get in contact with the skin.
Hyperhidrosis of hands and feet should be treated with a thin solution in the evenings (on clean and dry skin), as it can more intensively impact into the perspiratory glands on the mentioned areas of the skin. The application of Sweat-Stop Instant (in the daytime) in combination with Sweat-Stop Forte plus+ (in the evenings) is to be suited for this.
In dermatological test series antiperspirants with metal compounds were able to bring along an essential reduction of the perspiration for about 95% of the subjects. Besides the cessation of the sweat secretion, aluminum chloride solutions dispose of an agreeable additional function: The antibacterial effect prevents disagreeable body odor. Therefore such antiperspirants are not only effective against hyperhidrosis, but also against bromhidrosis.
If antiperspirants are applied on humid skin, the active compound is washed away. As the body is not sweating actively at night, aluminum chloride solutions therefore need to be applied before going to bed on clean and dry skin in order to unfold their full effect. After spraying 1-2 times, the active agent firstly needs to fully soak in (until it is dry), before putting on the nightshirt. In the mornings, washing as usual is possible.
The advantages of antiperspirants outweigh by far compared to alternative treatment methods. Antiperspirants are not only highly efficient (effectiveness for 95% of persons concerned) but also cheaper, easier to apply and not least applicable without risk. 
When purchasing an antiperspirant, especially its skin kindness should be considered. A good cutaneous tolerance can only be achieved with the correct composition of proven ingredients. Therefore it should be taken notice of a dermatological certificate and an optimized pH-value when purchasing an antiperspirant.
An effective antiperspirant combines gentle and cultivating characteristics with a strong, reliable effect. This can be achieved through special techniques like for instance through a method that keeps the pH-value low. Only particular manufacturers dispose of such know-how.
In addition, when purchasing an antiperspirant, it should be taken notice of the correct out of numerous aluminum compounds. Aluminum chloride 6-hydrate features the best characteristics by far. Consequently an antiperspirant containing such a compound should be resort to.